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The Nevada Security Guard Training Academy (NSGTA) is one of Nevada's most respected security training establishments.

It has been responsible for training individuals for security positions in some of Nevada's most prestigious establishments.

The legal Cannabis Industry is forecast to grow by an amazing 30% per year EVERY YEAR for the next five years and this growth is fueling an increasing demand for professionally trained security operatives to work in this industry.

The Nevada Department of Taxation oversees this industry and under the State of Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 453-A and or NRS 453-D/Regulation 092-17 section 111 (3), mandates 8 hours of security training to work in this industry. This applies to all employees, whether security or staff.

The Nevada Security Guard Training Academy has developed a new program, one day, 8 hour course aimed specifically at educating staff and security officers in the Cannabis industry on how to manage the security demands and requirements of this industry and comply with Nevada Department of Taxation Administrative code requirements.

The lesson plan included specialized topics such as:

  • How to manage contract security personnel
  • Appropriate Use of Force
  • Theft prevention
  • Crime scene protection
  • Emergency response to threats and evacuation.
  • Effective steps to take in response to telephone threats and many more specific topics required by regulation.

At the present time, the NSGTA- Cannabis Security Training is only conducted at the Cannabis location for employees and staff. Once training is completed, a certificate of certification will be issued to all in attendance.

Certificated professional instructors will travel to your location to conduct the onsite training when requested. The cost of the training program at YOUR location is $125.00 per student, and an additional travel fee of $200.00. When you are interested in receiving this mandatory security training, please click here to make a reservation. A member of the NSGTA will contact you to confirm the dare and time of your appointment.


This Cannabis training program is not licensed by the Nevada Postsecondary Education but by the PILB under license # 1392, Elite Security Specialists LLC., the parent company.


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